5-Chlorovaleryl chloride/1575-61-7/5-Chlorovaleric acid/5-Chlorovaleronitrile/Methyl 5-Chlorovalerate/1,1,7-trichloro-1-hepten-3-one/DMI/PTBBA/Hebei Aoge Chemical

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    Hebei Aoge Chemical Co., Ltd, with a total investment 65 million RMB, started it’s activities in June 2009, in Handan, Hebei China, where it’s production plant, administration offices and R&D centre are located....

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    Hebei Aoge Chemical Co., Ltd.

    Sales Office
    Add: 245 Fudong North St., Handan, Hebei Province, China 056000
    Tel:  +86-310-5233886 
    Fax: +86-310-7038008
    Email: sales@hbaoge.com  
    Website: www.hbaoge.com

    R&D center and Plant
    Add: Guantao Chemical Industrial Park, Handan, Hebei Province, China 057750
    Tel: +86-310-4915003

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